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TX-1000 Integrated IPPBX Platform is a full-featured IP telephony solution designed for small and medium sized organizations moving to a Voice over IP (VoIP) architecture. Its ease of use allows non-technical personnel to make individual or system-wide...

TSR 3800-61


Product Overview
Techroutes TR S3900 Series is a new generation
of aggregation 10G switches targeted for the IP
MAN (metropolitan area network), campus
networks and enterprise networks. It is


The TRW-5M is a versatile, very efficient, and stable 5 GHz access point. This product is equipped with an extreme output power (up to 29 dBm) 802.11n MIMO radio wrapped securely inside a robust IP-65 compliant enclosure with two N-type connectors, suited...


The TRW-5M-18 delivers the highest performance and stabil¬ity available in the 5 GHz CPE class. This product combines a robust IP-66 compliant enclosure with a highly advanced 802.11n radio core containing MIMO 2x2 technology along with an integrated...


The TRW-CANO-5 is a device made for cost-effective and long distance connectivity (up to 50 km). One main advantage of this new model is the unique mounting system designed to utilize standard satellite offset dish antennas to provide...