Our focus on technical excellence has produced a portfolio of secure and dependable products  in following categories:

    Video and Voice Over IP
    Access Products
    Video Surveillance
    Network Security

Routers are family of modular, multi-service access platforms for small offices to large-sized offices and Service Providers. With a vide range of modular interface options to fit in to every customer requirements to  provide solutions for data, voice video, hybrid dial access, virtual private networks (VPNs), and multi-protocol data routing. The high-performance ,modular architecture protects customers investment in network technology and integrated the function of several devices into a single,manageable solution.


Switch consist of high performance Multi Layer working Switches and Gigabit routable switches .high performance workgroup or enterpridge level edge switch and its designed with modular interfaces to address various customer requirement and has an advanced system framework,backplane switching ability thats can reach 13Gbps to 128Gbps ,and switching speed rate of layer-3 which can reach wire -speed

Video and Voice Over IP:

Techroutes Video and Voice IP product range is not limited to VoIP gateway ,it can provide a full solution for small enterprise to large corporate or even for service providers .The product line Includes Softswitch, IPPBX ,Gate Keeper ,Digital/Analog Media Gateways,Integrated Access Device to IP Phone.

Access Product:

A Range of power full Products in the fields of telecommunication ,Ethernet Media Converter,E1 -V.35 Ethernet Converter,Optical transmission ,Media Converters and broadband access .Our Product are Widely used in service provider network and have proved to be the most versatile ,user friendly and cost-effective


It integrates with the functions of the Ethernet switch and ONU, so when it works together with OLT products an efficient EPON solution can be established. It is well applied on the bidirectional network of broadcast and TV, FTTO or FTTB. Ethernet-Based Positive Optical Network (EPON) System (Application Draft), and in the industrial-level requirements of the electric power industry. Their network standard is TCP/IP, which is open, widely applied, transparent and unified, so they can be widely used for the construction of EPON transmission network of the intelligent grid.

Video Surveillance:

Techroutes Camera are designed for indoor video surveillance,Support local, central, network, mobile message to set alarm on /off.Support alarm linkage, work with wireless alarm and video surveillance to improve the efficiency and accuracy. Support SDK integrated Variety of internet protocols, Support IPv4/IPv6, HTTP, TCP, ICMP,RTP, UDP, IGMP, RTCP, SMTP, FTP, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, UPNP. With option for 3G/HSD or Wifi, the camera give wider option for customers to implement it on different surveillance applications.Techroutes NVS Center combination the customers can manage 1000s of such cameras centrally.

Network Security:

NS is designed for Enterprise customer or branch office of enterprise. The product is easy network deployed with rich features and flexible connection with reliability performance. The product can support much more Enterprise customer’s requirements such as anti-virus, anti-spam, integrate Firewall and VPN functions, content filter and others to provide cost effective security solution

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