TECHROUTES S8503/8506/8510 absorbs the design idea of advanced modularization,adopts the multi‐processor distribution mechanism and the Crossbar space division switching structure and applies the 1:1 redundancy backup to all its key modules. As to the hardwares design, the environmentally friendly and power‐saving design idea is adopted, in which the circuits are scientifically designed and components are reasonably used. Thats why users cost in operation and maintenance is effectively reduced. The backplane bandwidth of TECHROUTES S8503/8506/8510 is up to 4.8Tbps, its packet forwarding rate is up to 952Mpps and its exchange rate reaches L2/L3/L4 wire speed. Various interface modules with 10GE, GE or FE are provided and the following functions are supported: IPv4, IPv6, MPLS, NAT, multicast, QoS and bandwidth control.

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