AG-3100 FXS

AG3100-S series analog gateway is versatile IP-based voice and fax gateway. For small business, the family office, remote office and branch business provide low cost, simple operation VOIP solutions. Connected analog phone, fax, PBX With standard voice interface and provide quality voice service. AG3100-S series VoIP access gateway use standard SIP protocol and compatible mainstream IPPBX and soft switch platform.
Key Features
  • Primary and secondary SIP account
  • Flexible set port group
  • IP trunk
  • Flexible routing and manipulation
  • Data/Voice/Management VLAN
  • Voice /FAX/Modem
  • SNMP
  • Firmware update automatically/configure update

Product TypeSIP VOIP access gateway
Product ModelAG 3100-xS
Market TargetApply to operators and call center. Both low-cost VoIP service while preserving the traditional PSTN network
PerformanceStable high-definition voice quality
PWR LED Indicating the status of system power
RUN LED Indicating the running status of device
WAN LED Indicating WAN port activity
LAN LED Indicating PC&LAN port activity
FXS LED Indicating the status of the respective FXS ports on the back
LINK LEDIndicating the status of the network connection
SPEED LEDIndicating network bandwidth, 10 Mbps /100Mbps
Ethernet interface 2* 10/100 BASE-TX (RJ-45), Auto Adaptation, Support automatic flip
FXS/FXO Interface 2/4/8/16/24/32/48/96/112 FXS Ports
Transmission distance 1km
Charging mode Anti-polar signal
Protocols compliantSIP V1.0/2.0 and RFC3261. Support SIP Encryption
Voice & FAX G.723.1,G.729,PCMA/U
FAX over IP T.38/ Pass-Through/Modem, baud rate:14.4kbps
Trunk Features Call forwarding,Call hold,DND,Caller ID,PPPoE,Busy Tone
PSTN & VoIP routing Users can set up routing to go PSTN or IP
Feature Code Support 26 function keys
Network protocol TCP/UDP, HTTP, ARP/RARP, DNS, NTP, TFTP, TELNET and STUN,Static IP,DNS,NAT,Static and dynamic ARP ,VLAN for Data, Voice, Management,Qos Tos / DSCP to ensure voice quality, data, management information transmission,DHCP Server,DHCP Client
Routing & number manipulation Maximum 32
Admin management Administrator authentication by username and password
Maintenance & Upgrade Web configuration,Telnet configuration
Support languages English
Firmware upgrade TFTP and Web
CDR Output CDR by Syslog
Follow-up testing Ping and tracer on web
Tested platforms Work well with soft switch providers such as Huawei soft X3000, ZTE ZXSS10, Cisco, Alcatel, Lucent, S12
Ordering Information
AG3100-2S 02 Port FXS
AG3100-4S 04 Port FXS
AG3100-8S 08 Port FXS
AG3100-16S 16 Port FXS
AG3100-24S 24 Port FXS
AG3100-32S 32 Port FXS
AG3100-48S 48 Port FXS
AG3100-96S 96 Port FXS
AG3100-112S 112 Port FXS

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