1. Introduction

10/l00M adaptive fast Ethernet optical media converter is a new product used for optical transmission via high-speed Ethernet. It is capable of switching between twisted pair and optical and relaying across 10/100Base-TX and l00Base-Fx network segments, meeting long- distance, high-speed and high-broadband fast Ethernet workgroup users’ needs, achieving high-speed remote interconnection for up to 80 km’s relay-free computer data network. With steady and reliable performance, design in accordance with Ethernet standard and lightning protection, it is particularly applicable to a wide range of fields requiring a variety of broadband data network and high-reliability data transmission or dedicated IP data transfer network, such as telecommunication, cable television, railway, military, finance and securities, customs, civil aviation, shipping, power, water conservancy and oilfield etc, and is an ideal type of facility to build broadband campus network, cable Wand intelligent broadband FTTB/FTTH networks.

2. Features

• In accordance with Ethernet standards IEEE802.3, l0/l00Base-TX and l00Base-FX

• Supported Ports: SC for optical fiber; RJ45 for twisted pair

• Auto-adaptation rate and full/half-duplex mode supported at twisted pair port

• Auto MDI/MDIX supported without need of cable selection

• Up to 6 LEDs for status indication of optical power port and UTP port

• External and built-in DC power supplies provided

• 128 K’s data buffer RAM

• Support for low-delay time pure data transmission and full/half-duplex flow control.

• Built-in watch-dog timer to monitor any error in internal data exchange

• Support up to 16K Jumbo Frame if made on Shoot-through Mode.

3. Electric Specifications

Number of Network Ports

1 channel

NIC Transmission Rate

10/100 Mbit/s

NIC Transmission Mode

10/l00M adaptive with support for automatic inversion of


Network Ports Type

RJ45 port

4. Optical Specifications

Number of Optical Ports

1 channel

Optical Port Transmission Rate


Optical Ports Type



Optical Fiber

Multi-Mode: 50/125, 62.5/125 urn (options)

Single-Mode: 9/125 urn (options)

Data Channel

IEEE802.3x and collision base backpressure supported

Working Mode: Full/Half Duplex supported

Transmission Rate: l00Mbit/s with error rate of zero

5. General Specifications

Operation Temperature Range

0 ~50 C

Storage Temperature Range

-20 ~70 C



Power Supply

100-240VAC / DC 5V1.2A Power Adapter

Power Consumption


Dimension (Case)

94mmD x 7OmmW x 26mmH

Weight (Fully Packaged)

0.4 Kg


100,000 hours

7.2 Identification for front panel of the transceiver is shown below:

a. Identification of Media Converter:

TX - transmitting terminal; RX - receiving terminal;

b. PWR:

Power Indicator Light — “ON” means normal operation of DC SV power supply adaptor.

c. l00M Indicator Light:

“ON” means the rate of the electric port is 100 Mbps, while “OFF” means the rate is 10 Mbps.


“ON” means connectivity of the optical channel; “FLASH” means data transfer in the channel; “OFF” means non-connectivity of the optical channel.


“ON” means connectivity of the electric circuit; “FLASH” means data transfer in the circuit; “OFF” means non-connectivity of the electric circuit.

f. SD Indicator Light:

“ON” means input of optical signal; “OFF” means non input.


“ON” means full duplex electric port; “OFF” means half-duplex electric port.

h. UTP

Non-shielded twisted pair port;


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