4E1 TO Ethernet Protocol Converter


TD-CNV ETH -4E is the most newly promoted product that can convert l-4E1 to 10/l00Base-T Ethernet, and vice versa. This protocol converter could support 1-4E1 to Ethernet, which extend the bandwidth to 7.68Mbps. It is widely used in two LAN connecting, remote monitor and video broadcasting.


• Fully compatible with IEEE802.3, ITU-T G703, G704 and G823

• Enable any group of CH1-CH4 El channel to transmit the data at will

• Extend the bandwidth to 7.68Mbps when using 4El channels

• Support auto-inspection of effective El channel without interruption of data transfer.

• Automatically cut off the El Channel when it has LOS and AIS alarm, and inform the remote end simultaneously

• Support remote El Loop function

• 75/120 ohm Optional of El channel impedance

• Internal power supply, overall power consumption<3w, AC16OV-260V


1, El Port

Bit rate: 2.048Mbit/s+50ppm

Line code: HDB3

Standard: in accordance with ITU-T G.703, G.704

Connector: BNC connector, line impedance 75ohm

Non-support the use of time slots

Jitter Performance: compatible with G.742 and G.823

2, Ethernet port

Data Rate: 10/100Mbps auto-negotiation

Standard: Compatible with IEEE802.3

Connector: RJ-45

Full duplex auto-negotiation

3, Size: 265mm(W) x 160mm (D) x 44mm (H)

Order Information

TD-CNV ETH -4E/AC    4E1 -10/100BASE-T bridge, 75Ω&120Ω,220V    

TD-CNV ETH -4E/DC    4E1 -10/100BASE-T bridge, 75Ω &120 Ω,-48V

TD-CNV ETH -4E/AC-’-DC   4E1 -10/100BASE-T bridge, 75Ω &120 Ω, 220V &-48V

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