8E1 TO Ethernet Protocol Converter


TD-CNV ETH -8E is the most newly promoted product that can convert l-8E1 to 10/l00Base-T Ethernet, and vice versa. This protocol converter could support 1-8E1 to Ethernet, which extend the bandwidth to 16.348Mbps. It is widely used in two LAN connecting, remote monitor and video broadcasting.


• Ethernet Interface

Support 10/l00M, full-/half-duplex

> Support auto-negotiation and forcing mode by switch settings

> Built-in data flow statistic function, which can report the flow statistic of Ethernet receiving and transmission and error-package information

> Filter out over-long, over-short and CRC error Ethernet package

> Support up to 1536 byte Ethernet package

> Support PAUSE flow control function

> Built-in 1024 MAC addresses list, and auto-filtering and age function

> RJ45 connector, connect to PC with CAT-5 crossover twisted pair

• El Interface

> Provide 8 El interfaces complying with G.703 standard, 75Ω unbalance

> El lines should be used in pair, but support dissymmetrical

Auto detect the number of practicable line, the line can be shut down via network management

> AIS, LOS, LOF and error-code alarm, and error-code statistic data can be inquired via network management

> Provide auto shutdown function, the shutdown error rate threshold can be set via network management

> Provide remote loopback and error-code detection functions

> Stop Ethernet communication when local or remote El loopback

• Device Management

> Provide RS232 serial management interface

> Unique 8bits address is available for each device, one management system can manage up to 256 equipments together

> Abundant management information, including each El line status of local and remote ends, and Ethernet interface status and flow statistic

Technical Parameters


El interface

Rate: 1~8*2.048Mb/s

Line code: HDB3

Tolerance: ±50ppm

Electric characteristic: comply with ITU-TG.703 standard

Jitter index: comply with ITU-TG. 823 standard

Interface impedance: 75ohm balance (12ohm unbalance optinal)

Connector: DB37



Data rate: 10/100Mbps auto-negotiation

Interface mode: Full-/Half-duplex auto-negotiation

Connector: RJ-45

Power supply

Voltage: AC180V’—240V; DC —48V; DC +24V

Power consumption: 5W+l0%



Operating temperature: 0°C’-—45°C

Storage temperature: -20°C’--’+70°C

Relative humidity: < 90% (no condensation)

Atmospheric pressure: 70’-’--- 106 Kpa

Atmosphere: no causticity and solvent, and no strong electromagnetism field


2.30Kg (not contain E1 adaptor)



Order Information


8E1 -10/100BASE-T bridge,DB37,220V



8E1 -10/100BASE-T bridge, DB37,-48V

8E1 -10/100BASE-T bridge,DB37, 220V &-48V


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