100 Base-FX to 8E1 Protocol Converter

Standalone, SNMP management

1. Overview

TD-CNV ETH -8EF Series F5-4518 Converter is a high performance, remote, self-learning l00MBase-FX to El protocol converter. Its compact size and low cost make it ideal for cost- sensitive bridging applications or as a LAN extender over bit stream type infrastructures. This product can convert 100Base-FX fiber to 1-4E1 line, and vice versa. It provides completed indicators to show the status and alarm messages of the El line and Optical port. It is widely used in two LAN connecting, remote monitor and video broadcasting. Furthermore, it can be managed by the software Fi-View-PC.

2. Hardware Features

• Extend the bandwidth of the Ethernet to 16Mbps

• High performance bridge for l00Base-FX Ethernet extension

• Fully compatible with IEEE 802.3 Standards

• CRC32 checking and generation, and CRC error detection

• Auto-detect the valid El channels and auto-balance the data flow among the valid El channels

• Standalone provides one Optical port

• Standalone itself support SNMP and Console management

• El channel: Un-framed El channel, 75/l2Oohm optional

• The 4E1 converter can be easily extended to 8E1 converter.

• 4U, 17-slot Chassis support SNMP/Console Management, and standalone can be managed from the center chassis

3. Software Features

• Support Console and SNMP management, for Standalone and Chassis

• Show details of system information, including chassis name, location information, IP address, start-up time, software and hardware version

• View & configure the working status of local chassis and remote standalone device, including El status, Optical status

• Support remote loop back function

• Reset the system or a single module via management software

• Reset chassis to factory default

• Support online firmware upgraded

• Show the detailed information of power supplies, including AC/DC type and working status

• Monitoring chassis inside temperature, fans status, and backboard power, and with alarms indication in software

• Provide MID file, make it easy to be integrated into the third-party SNMP management software

• Adopt the centralized management style and the tree-view catalogue, which can manage many sets of chassis at the same time in one single window. Meantime, it’s very easy and clear to manage all devices even if many chassis in one window.


• El interface

Data rate: 2.048Mbps

Code type: HDB3

Connector: BNC (75Q)

Mode: Unframed


• Optical Interface

Wavelength: 850nm/l3l0nm/1550nm

Single mode/Multimode Optional

Up to 120km transmission distance

SC/PC, ST/PC and FC/PC optional



• DIP Switch

Local Looping; CRC Threshold;

Remote/Local Select

• Power


AC Power: 100V-240V, 0.4-0.2A, 50-60 Hz

DC Power: -48V, 0.4A


<3W for each standalone or module

• Environment Operation

Temperature: - 10°C’—50°C;

Humidity: 0%’—90%(non-condensed)

Air pressure: 86kPa’— 106 kPa. Transport and store

Temperature: -20°C ‘—60°C;

Humidity: 0%’—90% (non-condensed)

Air pressure: 86kPa— 106 kPa.

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