TD-CNV —El-SubEl +ETH PCM Add/Drop Multiplexer gives two El interface and one Ethernet interface. The main El (El-l) line is 2Mbps; it is divided into one sub (El-2) El line and one Ethernet line. This equipment can select several timeslots for Ethernet line, using El timeslots sufficiently. The sub El port can link transmission or terminal device, such as Optical transmission device, PABX ete; it can also link other PCM Add/Drop multiplexer. This device has high performance and low price. It utilizes the idle El timeslot to transmit Ethernet data, fully use 2M bandwidth.


• The 2Mbps El line divided into one El line and one Ethernet line.

• El line code type is HDB3, fully compatible with ITU-T 0.703; jitter feature is better than G.823.

• Ethernet Standards fully compatible with IEEE 802.3.

• El interface, 75 ohm (unbalanced) ,BNC connector

• Line port speed: 2.048MbpsH-/-50ppm, data transmit speed support N*64k (N=1~’32); fractional timeslots can be selected

• El fractional/ unframed optional

• Ethernet port 10/100Mbps, Full/Half Duplex auto-negotiation

• l0/100Base-T LAN Interface on RJ-45 connector

• Clock mode: Internal clock, line recovered clock from El-1 or El-2 line

• Comprehensive LED indicators on front panel, convenient for the diagnosis of equipment working state

• -48VDC& 220 VAC power supply selectable

Software Features

• Support local and remote management

• Support Console and SNMP management

• Show details of system information, including chassis name, location information, IP address, start-up time, software and hardware version

• View & configure the working status of local chassis and remote standalone device, including El status Ethernet status

• Support remote Loop back function

• Reset the system or a single module via management software

• Reset chassis to factory default

• Support online firmware upgraded

Show the detailed information of power supplies, including AC/DC type and working status

• Monitoring chassis inside temperature, fans status, and backboard power, and with alarms indication in software.

• Provide MIB file, make it easy to be integrated into the third-party SNMP management software

• Adopt the centralized management style and the tree-view catalogue, which can manage many sets of chassis at the same time in one single window. Meantime, it’s very easy and clear to manage all devices even if many chassis in one window.


• El interface

One UP port, one DOWN port

Data rate:

Unframed: 2Mbps

Fractional: Nx64Kbps, N=1-31

Code type: HDB3

Standard: G.703, G.704, G.823, G.742

75 ohm unbalanced

Connector: BNC (75Q)

Number of Port: 2

 Ethernet Interface

10/ l00M, full/half duplex,


Connector: RJ45

Number of Port: 1

 LED Indicator

PWR: Power

LINK: Ethernet link

ACT: Ethernet receive or transmit data

LOOP: El loop

RA: The other device alarm

LOF1/LOF2: El signal lose synchronization

El: El link

• DIP Switch

Clock mode select: Internal clock; Recovered from El-1 or El-2

El-2 (sub El) enables or disable

Local El loop; Remote El loop

• Size

Standalone: (Unit: mm)

200 (w) X145 (D) X35 (H)

• Power


AC Power: 100V-240V, 0.4-0.2A, 50-60 Hz

DC Power: -48V, 0.4A


<5W for each standalone

• Environment


Temperature: 0°C--- 50°C;

Humidity: 0%”—90%(non-condensed)

Air pressure: 86kPa— 106 kPa.

Transport and store

Temperature: -20°C —60°C;

Humidity: 0%’—90%(non-condensed)

Air pressure: 86kPa’— 106 kPa.

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TD-CNV-E1-SUBE1 Eth AC Standalone Device, 220 VAC Power input

 TD-CNV-E1-SUBE1 Eth DC Standalone Device, -48V DC Power input

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