V35 fiber modem extends V.35 interface service over fiber. A pair of V.35 Fiber Modems provides n*64K(n=132) V.35 network “extension” between remote and locations .The TD-OP-V35 is designed to transmit/receive V.35 data over one string of fiber. The FMO-V35 allows transmission over Single-mode fiber with distances up to 120km. LED status indicators monitor the fiber and V.35 links. The Model TD-OP-V.35 is available with either an AC or DC power supply and is supported by a wide range of applications and power supply environments.


• Have two row of LED, one indicates local status, the other indicates remote status

• The V.35 Rate is N*64K, N = 1-32.

• Have two clock way: V.35 master clock and V.35 slave clock

• Have three Loop-Back Mode: Fiber interface Loop-Back (ANA) V.35 interface

Loop-Back(DIG) command the remote modem V.35 interface Loop-back (REM)

• Single fiber or dual fiber for option

• Remote adjustment of velocity for the remote device will be available when the local setting into the master clock and the remote set into slave clock

• El fiber modem matching V.35 fiber by pair, one G.703/V35 interface conversion can be save out.

• It has PBRS test function and could be used as a 2M error code device.

• V.35 interface support hot-plug and can be connected with other DOE or DTE device

V.35 connector

transmission velocity: Nx64Kbps ( N=1-32 electric characteristics: according ITU-T V.35 connector: female M34 connect way: DCE, can connect with DCE or DTE units

Fiber connector

• Optical interlace: SC/FC

• Optical Wavelength: 1310 nm /1550nm+/-50/40nm

• Sending consumption: -9dBm/-SdBm

• Receiving and dispatching module:>-6dBm

• Optical receiver receiving sensitivity: <-36(BER<1010):

• Dynamic range receiving: >-30dB

• Optical code: NRZ

• Support several optical interlace: 850nm/1310nm multi-mode fiber, 1310nm/1550nm single-mode fiber

• Transmit distance: multi-mode with 2KM, single-mode with 20KM,40KM, 60KM, and 120KM.

Power supply

working voltage range wide, good

anti-disturb and Isolation, work stable

option I — DC-48V,range DC-36V--DC-72C

option II —AC22DV,range AC165V—AC240V

Power Consumption: <=3 Watts

environment condition

Operating temperature: 0C-+50 C

Storage temperature: -20 C—+70 C

Relative temperature:95% (uncondensed)





order information

TD-OP-V.35 /AC


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