TD-OP-04-08-16-E1+4Eth Compact Optical Multiplexer

TD-OP-04/08/16 E1+4Ethernet Compact Optical Multiplexer

Product Overview

TD-OP-04/08/l6 El is part of Multi El and Fast Ethernet transmission system family, used to build a 150Mb/s optical point-to-point link. Based on an ASIC chip; it performs the transportation of 4/8/16 El and a fast Ethernet at full

speed. It also provides an order-wire and an auxiliary UART interface for Management. TOM-TD-OP-04/08/16 offers a highly integrated solution for the perfect function, stable performance and convenience with low power consumption.

Key Benifits

• Merges the Ethernet and time-division multiplex (TDM) transmission to the same pipe.

• Provides 4’/l6 El and a 100Mb/s Fast Ethernet interface.

• The standard El interfaces comply with ITU-T G.703, G.82 3 and G.742.

• Supports either auto-negotiation or hardware configuration selection of the Ethernet operation.

• The Ethernet interface supports VLAN and Flow Control function.

• Real-time Monitoring and all necessary alarm display for easy management

• Supports Local and Remote Loop-back Test.

• Uses standard telephone set as order-wire.

• Provides one transparent RS232 interface for user’s data links..

• Provides RS232 interface for Network Management.

• Extends the fiber link up to 120 km without any repeater

• Compact single board Terminal.

• 100~220VAc and -48VDC power supply is optional.

Product description

TD-OP-04/08/16 series of Multi El & Fast Ethernet Optical Terminal is a product combining of a PDH optical transport system and an Ethernet transceiver, as illustrated in


TD-OP-04/08/16 can provide up to 16 El interfaces and 4 Fast Ethernet interface. The Ethernet interface can be operated in 10M/100M, half duplex or full duplex mode by either auto-negotiation or manual setting.

TD-OP-04/08/16 also provides an order-wire for which a standard telephone can be used.

TD-OP-04/08/16 also provides a user RS232 transparent data link with a RJ45 connector.

TD-OP-04/08/16 possesses complete operation monitoring function. Those indicators include Loss of optical signal, LOF, l0, 10 bit error rate, Loss of each El tributary signal and Ethernet status. Since some overhead bytes are taken as monitoring channel, all alarm and status of Remote can be display locally.

TD-OP-04/08/16 provides RS232 interface for Network Management. Users can observe the status of Local and remote, user can make certain El loop back for testing


The NMS can configure 4* ETH port like intelligent L2 switch, it has followed


• Separation based on port;

• VLAN based on TAG;

• Flow control based on 32K (32K~100M).

• Port monitoring

• Broadcast Storm Protection, etc..

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