TD-OP-16E1+2Ethernet Optical Multiplexer



Techroutes Networks Modular Integrated Optical Multiplexer, with 4/8/16*E1+2*100M capacity, provides 4*modular slots for various function modules such as voice, data and video services It is applicable to all kinds of data, voice and video transmission area. At the same time, it also provides sufficient network management interface function and realizes SNMP network management or device management via hyper terminal. The device itself is supplied with a LCD displayer for user to carry out configuration and management.

Modular Integrated Optical Multiplexer integrates modular and strong functionalities, low in cost and convenient for use and expansion. Multi-protocol interfaces have been integrated in one device to facilitate multi-service access and transmission, able for connection with communication networks of an enterprise distributed in different parts. It has been proved to be applicable to all kinds of data, voice and video traffic applications


 1+1 redundancy optical interface ensure reliable transmission.

1+1 power  redundancy.

Support various function modules for voice, data and video transmission (Nx64K V.35,

FV.35, FXO/FXS, E/M, R5232/R5485, and etc.)

Provide SNMP channel& NMS network software (1View)

With the LCD display in the panel of the device, also can control and configure the

device Support 2*100Mbps Ethernet interface

Provide 1 *RS232 data interface

Support ALS function

Fully alarm system, display local/remote device working status


E1 Port

Rate: 2.O48Mbit/s+50ppm Connector: DB37 Impedance: 75ohm unbalanced / 120ohm balanced

Standard: ITU-T G.703, G.742, G.823

Optical Port

Rate: 155M bit/s Wavelength: 1310/1550 nm Transmission distance: up to 120 KM 

Ethernet Port

Rate: 10/100M Connector: RJ45 Standard: IEEE 802.3

Operation Environments

Power supply: 22OVAC/-48VDC

Working Temperature: -5°C~50°C

Storage Temperature:  -25°C~70°C

Humidity: 90 %

Size: 440mm *43.5mm * 220 mm

 Ordering Information:


4*E1+2*10/100 Base-T Multiplexer, SNMP


8*E1+2*10/100 Base-T Multiplexer, SNMP


16*E1+2*10/100 Base-T Multiplexer, SNMP

Optional Modules: 

10/100M Ethernet Module

10/100M Ethernet module

2*V.35 Module

2*V.35 Module

4*V.35 Module

4*V.35 Module

4* FXO/FXS Module

4*FXO/FXS Module

8* FXO/FXS Module

8* FXO/FXS Module

4* RS232/485 Module

4* RS232/485 Module

Optical module

Optical Redundancy Backup Module

Power Supply Module

Power supply Redundancy Module (AC 220 Volt or DC -48 Volt)

Distance Selection: 



40KM Distance

60KM Distance

80KM Distance



60KM 1310nm

80KM DFB 1550nm

100KM DFB 1550nm

120KM DFB 1550nm





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