TD-TDMOIP-20 Series

Product Overview

The TD-TDMOIP-20 series TDMOIP is based on self-developed with independent intellectual property rights of Techroutes Network (P) Ltd. TD-TDMOIP-20 series TDMOIP is based on the IETF of PWE3 SAToP / CESoPSN agreement standard. The equipment allows up to 16 El TDM data streams in L2TPv3/IPv4, UDP/IPv4, L2TPv3 /IPv6, UDP/IPv6, MPLS (MFA-8) and METRO Ethernet (MEF-8) transmitted crystal in the network.

TD-TDMOIP-20 Series CESoPSN can ensure that the circuit simulation communication priority, the jitter and wander in line with the G.823/G.824, G.8261, and TDM specification. Built-in slot allocation circuit TSA, any time slots per El port group can be reorganized .Have the Processing capacity of Channel Associated Signaling. Provide network management which based on the WEB, SNMP-band, and the network management information comprehensive. CESoPSN has a high transmission efficiency, low propagation delay, clock recovery and high accuracy characteristics can be widely used, including the vast majority of backhaul and other applications.

TD-TDMOIP-20 series provide Ethernet optical port and Ethernet electrical ports both in the Ethernet side of the device, while 1/2/4/8/16 El interface at the WAN side.

Main Features

* Up to 16 independent El interfaces, each El interface supports for 75 ohm and 120ohm optional;

* El interface in line with G.703, G.704 standards;

* Comply with IETF PWE3 specifications, support the ITU-T Recommendation Y.14l3 and Y.1453, IETF RFC4SS3, RFCSO86, MEF-8 and MEA 8.0.0;

* Provide one 100Mbps Ethernet optical port, two 10/100Mbps Ethernet Electrical interface in TD-TDMOIP-200l/2002/2004

* Provide one 1000Mbps Ethernet optical port, three 100/1000Mbps Ethernet electrical interface in TD-TDMOIP-2008/2016, which is fully compatible with IEEE 802.3 standard. 4 Ethernet ports can be used as uplink port or the local data interface, and can be implemented by any electrical port;

* Support the rate limiting of Ethernet electrical port, the rates range from 64Kbps 100Mbps when the minimum set unit 64kbps, and range of 100Mbps 1Gbps when the minimum is 1Mbps;

* Built-in Layer 2 switching functionality on Ethernet, support for 802.lq, 802. lad VLAN and 802.lp protocol;

* Support L2TPv3/IPv4, L2TPv3/IPv6, UDP/IPv4, UDP/IPv6, Metro Ethernet (MEF-8) and MPLS (MFA-8) and other protocols;

* Support ARP and RTP protocols;

* Synchronous El TDM port support adaptive clock recovery, and differential clock recovery, and system clock recovery and loopback clock recovery;

  The adaptive clock recovery accuracy is up to l2ppb;

* To structured El, each El port including a TSA module, which can be used to

assign any timeslot, carry or not carry CAS signaling;

* To unstructured El, each El port including a SAT module;

* Each El support packet loss and out-of-order packet compensation and processing technology, you can specify the compensation package contents;

* Each El support the package size of 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 frames, each El Support jitter buffer depth of 1 256ms;

* Adopt unique clock algorithm to restore stable frequency, low jitter and drift, in line with G.823 specifications;

* Anti-ability of packet loss, frequency hopping, frame synchronization protection;

* Support web server network management, remote monitoring, easy to operate

and maintain;

* Support SNMP Vl and V2 Network Management Protocol;

* Support online upgrade of software and hardware of the local and remote device;

* Power redundancy, AC / DC can be chosen.


TD-TDMOIP-20 Series TDMOIP provide 1~16 Transparent El channel in Ethernet or IP network, for providing real-time services of voice, images.

TD-TDMOIP-20 Series provide 1~16 channels of El over Ethernet to connect the base station controller, the PSTN access network equipment and other El terminal equipment.

The two routers at two sides can share local Ethernet data by any GE port of. The internal Q0S mechanisms can ensure the priority of El signal.



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